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Competitive soccer for all levels of play

TCSL offers competitive soccer for all levels of play against similar sized and skilled clubs within the Twin Cities’ geography. Teams and clubs in TCSL have the option to select and apply to play in the level that best suits them.  TCSL works closely with clubs to ensure that teams are in the best possible level for development.
Each club is represented on the Technical Advisory Panel, a group of club personnel (most likely DOC). This panel is responsible for correctly placing teams in environments that are best suited to their individual teams. To that end, levels of play are as follows.
Age Players Levels
8U 7v7 One Level
9U & 10U 7v7 Three Levels (Red, White, Blue)
11U-12U 9v9 Four Levels (National, Regional, State, Cities)
13U-19U 11v11 Four Levels (National, Regional, State, Cities)
During the team registration process, clubs will indicate the preferred level of play for each of their teams. While “State” and “Cities” placements are self-select, applications to play in National & Regional divisions will be reviewed by the Technical Advisory Panel.
There is no promotion or relegation in TCSL. Team placements are decided prior to each corresponding season.