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October 14 & 15, 2017 | Eden Prairie, MN

Flying Cloud Fields, Miller Park, and Crestwood

Limited to TCSL clubs & teams. All players and staff must have US Club-soccer issued passes.

8U-10U Jamboree Format ($250)

  • 3 games, 2×20 minute halves
  • Girls: Saturday
  • Boys: Sunday
  • Medals for all!

11U-14U  Cup Format ($375)

  • 2 game minimum; 3 game maximum
  • Full-length games
  • Seeded brackets based on Autumn league results
  • Saturday & Sunday
  • Cups & Medals for winners!

Team Eligibility

Participating teams must have participated in the 2017 TCSL Autumn season, must be in good standing with the League and must be approved US Club Soccer-sanctioned teams.

Determining Winners

9U and 10U matches will not have winners declared. 11U-14U matches will have winners declared for all First Round, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Final matches. In the case of a tie after regulation, matches will go straight to kicks from the penalty mark. Consolation matches still tied at the end of regulation will remain in a tie, except for brackets where winners are needed.

Rostering Rules

As with TCSL league play, the club pass may be utilized to provide maximum development opportunities and flexibility for participating teams and clubs. The intent of this rule is not to win games, and stacking rosters in favor of “winning” will not be tolerated. Teams should add to their rosters the club passed players that they expect to utilize in the tournament. All participants must present US Club Soccer-issued passes prior to each game. Due to scheduling complexity, schedules will not be adjusted to maximize club pass use.

Abusive Behavior

While at the fields, any coach, parent, team official, player or spectator threatening violence or engaging in verbal abuse will be subject to ejection from the tournament and the team may be ejected from the tournament as well if appropriate. This type of behavior is not acceptable at any TCSL event, will not be tolerated, and contradicts League values.

Tobacco and Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol are not permitted on or near any playing field, any food services or any area where the public congregates.

Scores and Standings

8U-10U matches will be “jamboree” format with scores and standings not kept. 11U-14U matches will be in tournament format with winners crowned. Bracket makeup is dependent on tournament entries. TCSL Autumn League results will be used to form brackets for 11U-14U age groups.

General Rules of the Game

  1. All games shall be played under the laws set forth by F.I.F.A., except as modified by these rules.
  2. US Soccer rules requiring the exclusive use of US Soccer registered referees shall be strictly enforced.

Player’s Equipment and Field Regulations

  1. All soccer equipment must adhere to F.I.F.A. laws. A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelry).
  2. Shin guards are mandatory.
  3. Game Referee shall inspect all casts, braces and their protective coverings, and determine whether a player’s participation presents an unreasonable risk to the player and/or the player’s opponents. Such determination is specific to the game for which the inspection is being conducted, and is independent of inspection and participation in other games at the tournament.
  4. All teams must have two sets of jerseys in contrasting colors. All players must wear matching color team shorts and team socks; one set of each will be acceptable for the team.
  5. In the event that team colors are similar, the home team will change colors. The home team is the team listed first on the schedule, if not clearly designated as “home”.
  6. Each team’s players and coaches shall take one side of the field, and all spectators shall take the opposite sideline.
  7. On the spectators’ sideline, spectators are to remain behind the designated line. No one will be allowed behind either end line.
  8. Proper US Club Soccer-issued player picture identification cards are required to be checked by the referee and/or field marshal prior to each match.

 Game Duration & Ball Size

  1. 8U-10U jamboree matches will play 20-minute halves and use a Size 4 ball.
  2. 11U-12U matches will play 30-minute halves and use a Size 4 ball.
  3. 13U-14U matches will play 35-minute halves and use a Size 5 ball.


  1. A five-minute grace period will be allowed from scheduled kickoff time. Teams must be present and ready to play at the scheduled time or potentially forfeit the game. Nonetheless, Tournament officials are mindful that unforeseen circumstances may occur, and will have the option to shorten, reschedule or otherwise create such circumstances as will allow a game to be played on the field rather than be won by forfeit.
  2. A minimum of seven players constitutes a team.
  3. A forfeit will be recorded as a two to zero result.
  4. The Tournament Committee will review abandoned games on a case-by-case basis.
  5. No team that forfeits a game will be eligible to win any championship awards at the event.
  6. The determination of TCSL officials is final.

Inclement Weather

  1. All teams and coaches must show up at the scheduled field and time regardless of weather conditions, unless otherwise notified by a League Official. Failure to appear may result in a forfeit, which is scored as a two to zero loss, and may result in the rescheduling or loss of a team’s future games at the Tournament.
  2. In the event of stoppage of play due to severe weather conditions, teams should retreat to a safe location; teams should ensure in advance that there is a means to communicate with team members in the event of stoppage. One team representative is required to report to the venue HQ fifteen minutes after stoppage has occurred, at which time notice will be provided whether the remaining schedule will be resumed, cancelled, modified or further postponed for another defined length of time, pending receipt of information allowing formulation of a definitive resolution. Do NOT assume comments by anyone other than Tournament personnel at HQ are authoritative on issues regarding the resumption or cancellation of the schedule in the event of stoppage.
  3. In the case of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee has the authority to change, cancel or reschedule any game and / or its format. d. The determination of the Committee is final.
  4. In all cases, postponed matches must wait at minimum 30 minutes after the last lightning strike to resume play.


In the case of weather-related cancelations, no refunds will be given. However, a credit will be offered for use in future TCSL events. For example, if teams are guaranteed two games, and only one was played, a 50% credit will be granted. If 3 games were guaranteed, and no matches were played, a 100% credit in the amount of the registration for that event will be issued for use in a future TCSL event.
All Sunday matches have been canceled due to field conditions.
More info will be shared with team managers and coaches shortly.
No available schedules for the criteria set above