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One of TCSL’s goals is to provide an administrative experience that is easy, seamless and allows you to focus your energy on what matters MOST – your players.
Documentation for how to register your players with U.S. Club Soccer, register your teams with TCSL, print rosters, and answers to frequently asked questions, will be posted to the respective areas above.


You will need to familiarize yourself with three websites. Each serves a unique purpose.
  1. Twin Cities Soccer Leagues Website – This site contains league rules, schedules, standings, league offerings, and much more. Use this site for an overview of process.
  2. US Club Soccer National Registration Platform (formerly KYCK) – This is the player registration system used for all U.S. Club Soccer leagues and events. Registrars/club administrators should have access to this platform to register players and staff and print US Club Soccer passes.
  3. GotSoccer – This is the administrative and scheduling platform for all TCSL leagues and events. Club and team accounts are available here and this is where you will register teams, manage contacts, access schedules, etc.

Got Soccer is the official TCSL administrative and scheduling platform.
Key how-to documentation is listed below.
**Please note revised process for player/staff registration with the launch of Sport Engine’s National Registration System, which goes into effect for the 2019-20 soccer year.**

Player Registration:

Sports Engine National Registration Platform – Help Center
Membership Eligibility Requirements:
  • Membership purchase
  • POB verification by US Club Soccer (if not previously completed)
  • Registration/Medical Treatment Auth/Waiver Form completed electronically by parent or certified as on file by a registrar
  • Dual carding verification by US Club Soccer

Staff Registration:

How To – Staff Registration
Pursuant to U.S. Soccer rules, staff registration is required of all individuals working with or managing youth players, regardless of whether they are volunteers or paid staff, or registered with another U.S. Soccer member organization. This includes all coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers assigned to a team with youth players.
Adult participants must complete the following every two years.
  • Membership purchase
  • Background screening
  • SafeSport training
  • Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) training
After purchasing a membership for an adult staff member, 24 hours after the person for whom a membership is purchased (or the parent, if a minor) will receive an email with individualized links to complete any outstanding membership eligibility requirements. These links are also accessible via the user’s SportsEngine dashboard. Completed requirements will then be automatically reflected in the NRS.
Registrars are able to monitor status, and send automated reminder emails, via the US Club Soccer tab –> Memberships.



TCSL plans to significantly reduce the administrative overhead and time investment required of team managers. There are three areas that team managers will help with in an effort to provide a smooth administrative experience.
NOTE: The below team manager tasks are all done within the specific GotSoccer team account. If you do not know the login credentials for your team, contact your club administrator.

Fall 2019 rescheduling is open between August 24-August 30, 2019. After this date, the form will be live for weather-affected matches only.
Form and process are here.