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It is the TCSL philosophy that player development occurs at the club level.

To that end, it is TCSL’s goal to provide a structured league environment for member clubs to participate in, so that clubs can develop their players to their highest potential. All participants are expected to hold themselves to a high standard at all times. Adult participants are expected to be role models AND LEADERS WITHIN THE SOCCER ENVIRONMENT.

Recruiting of Players

The following code of ethics, also present in the TCSL Rules, is meant to cover the recruitment of players:

  1. Coaches and adults (including club personnel, and parents of players) are not allowed to contact any players from another TCSL club, as long as the player(s) in question are bound to another club.
  2. If a player initiates contact with a coach during regular season play, the coach must ask the player if they are committed to another TCSL club.  If so, then the player will be asked to inform their current club of their intent to try-out for another club before any further action may be taken, and the current club must agree to said tryout.   The League expectation is that clubs will communicate clearly and honorably through this process.
  3. TCSL clubs are not allowed to acquire teams from another club within the TCSL to bring into their own organization, unless permission is obtained in writing. Club mergers are exempt.

Player Transfer Policy

The following is meant to cover the transfer of players:

Players will be bound to a member club when they have agreed to accept a roster position and paid part or all of the member club registration fee. Tryout fees cannot bind a player to a member club; this is a fee to tryout only.

Clubs may hold tryouts for 8U-11U after the league season has concluded, and for 12U+ after the conclusion of Summer Cup.

Any player bound to a member club cannot transfer once registered to the member club except in exceptional circumstances. Such circumstances are:

Any disagreement regarding a player transfer will be resolved by the TCSL League Office. The intent of this rule is for clubs to communicate honorably throughout this process.

It is the goal of TCSL to discourage player transfers, after the player has registered at a member club, unless it is in the best interest of the player. Member clubs will be expected to hold the player’s best interest at the fore of all decisions.

More information regarding the player transfer process is contained within the League Rules.