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TCSL introduced the Club Pass to Minnesota competitions in 2017 in order for clubs to have more say and flexibility in how they operate both their Player Development philosophy and their team roster set up.

In order to uphold TCSL values we strongly believe the following situations justify the use of the Club Pass model.

However,  The Club Pass model should never be manipulated to:

In the Club involved league model we foster, we expect club leaders to uphold TCSL values regarding all decisions made that involve the Club Pass policy.

Player development and the player experience for all involved should be the main consideration when making decisions.

Any suspected abuse of the Club Pass Policy should be reported to TCSL league officials using the following form:

Submit Form


Both DOC’s will be made aware via this form and TCSL will loop in both clubs once the form is submitted (via email). TCSL expects good, honest, communication about the report.