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“I am extremely impressed by the commitment to, and support of coach education that TCSL has demonstrated. It was my privilege to deliver the very first program TCSL hosted in January and over fifty coaches came together to share and learn.
TCSL maintains a strong belief in the importance of relevant, accessible and affordable coach education. United Soccer Coaches will ensure that the TCSL and the clubs and coaches it works with will always be able to access the most contemporary and helpful education awards of United Soccer Coaches and U.S. Soccer.”
– Ian Barker, Director of Coaching Education, United Soccer Coaches.

Aligned with US Club Soccer, Twin Cities Soccer Leagues believes that
better clubs develop better coaches, and better coaches develop better players.

Twin Cities Soccer Leagues is proud to present a coach education plan that moves this mission and belief forward. TCSL supports coach education, regardless of who is hosting courses, and therefore supports Minnesota Youth Soccer Association’s efforts to provide and promote coach education.

55 coaches have received
free access to coach education, funded by TCSL, to date. With each course offered, more and more coaches will receive the same benefit.

TCSL believes that coach education is agnostic and in no way should coaches of any organization be denied good, quality coach education.

Through its US Club Soccer affiliation, TCSL has the ability to host both United Soccer Coaches and United States Soccer Federation (USSF) courses.