TCSL Fives

8U play dates to better prepare players for 9U

Summer 2024 Play Dates

Teams should expect to play 2 matches within a 2 or 3 hour block. Times will be generally in the 1-7PM range. Dates/locations subject to change.

May 5Chippewa Middle School (All)Released 10-14 days prior to event.
May 19National Sports Center (North)

Flying Cloud Fields (South)
Released 10-14 days prior to event.
June 9Polar Lakes Park (North)

Lakefront Park (South)
Released 10-14 days prior to event.
June 16Chippewa Middle School (North)

Lakefront Park (South)
Released 10-14 days prior to event.
June 30Kingston Park (Cottage Grove) (All)
Matches played as part of Summer Festival
Released 10-14 days prior to event.

Club Administrators: Registering Teams, Players & Coaches

TCSL Fives – The Why

Provide fun, energetic, introductory program for these crucial ages.

Retain players at 9U that are better prepared with a better developed skillset.

Size 3 ball size.

Restarts per Laws of the Game (throw-ins, corner kicks, etc.).

Build-out line in effect (use midfield).

No offside.

All free kicks are “direct”.

No punting

No heading.


8U soccer should be its own brand and should not be a mini-version of older-aged soccer.

Support clubs by having a standards-driven experience for these young players.

Referee mentoring and development opportunities for first-year or second-year referees.


  • “Match Day” Format
  • All games will be played 5v5 – 4 field players + Goalkeeper
  • 2×20 minute halves
  • Each team plays two (2) matches
  • Matches completed within 2-hour window as much as possible to make this program family centric

Numbers & Field Size


Existing Footprint – 2x 7v7 fields