League Fees

League Feen/a$195$235
TCSL Fives$195 per team per eventn/an/a
Autumn Festival (9U-10U)n/a$395n/a
Final 4n/an/a$395
League FeeSee Winter Fest information$225
League Fee$235$295
Minnesota Cupn/a$825 13-19U
Summer Festival$395n/a
Final 4n/a$395

In addition to League Fees below.

Referee Fees:

  • Home clubs bear responsibility for assigning and referee payment for matches played in the Fall & Spring portion of the schedules.
  • All Winter & Showcase matches assigned by TCSL at following rates:
    • 2009: $139 per match
    • 2008: $139 per match
    • 2007: $159 per match
    • 2006: $159 per match
    • 2005: $179 per match
    • 2004/03: $179 per match

Indoor Space

  • Clubs bear financial responsibility for use and must be comfortable with the expense for indoor matches (generally, 4-6 matches).

Showcase Events

  • Any showcase or TCSL-hosted events as part of the overall league schedule are included at no additional cost to clubs/teams, with exception of referee fees that will be billed to clubs at above rates.
National Premier League (NPL)$950$725

These fees are paid to US Club Soccer on an annual basis. Information is here.

***In addition, staff members (or their club/organization) registering with US Club Soccer are responsible for the cost of the following membership eligibility requirements:

  1. Background screening ($26.25) – every other year
  2. SafeSport Training (free)

More information on staff eligibility requirements is located here.

Reduced pricing for late-season youth competitive player registrations:
**In an effort to accommodate clubs with late-season player additions, the price of a current seasonal year youth competitive player registration/membership purchased between May 1 and July 31 will be reduced as follows:

$14** for U-12 and above

$11* for U-11 and below

Membership/Registration Fee (23-24)
Player - Youth (U-11 and below)$19.25
Player - Youth (U-12 through U-19)$25.25
Player - Rec (includes TCSL Fives)$11.25
Staff - Competitive$10
Staff - Rec$5