TCSL provides meaningful competition at all levels of play.



All levels besides NPL are “self-select” with oversight from the Technical Advisory Panel. Clubs are responsible for placing their teams in the right environment. There is not promotion/relegation in TCSL; however, natural promotion and/or relegation occurs based on historical results that TCSL shares in advance of each season.

Play levels through the ages

Three levels of play.

Red (Highest), White, Blue

Four levels of play.

National (highest), Regional, State, Cities

Four levels of play.

National Premier Leagues (NPL) (highest), Regional, State, Cities

National Events Pathway

Minnesota National Premier Leagues (NPL)

The Minnesota National Premier Leagues (NPL) represents a club collaboration that is the highest level of the TCSL pyramid for both boys and girls ages 13U through 19U.

The Minnesota NPL is a club-based league. Entries are on an application basis based on specific criteria.