A Home for every player.

All levels besides NPL are “self-select” with oversight from the Technical Advisory Panel. Clubs are responsible for placing their teams in the right environment, with oversight from the TCSL league office.

Play levels through the ages

Festival, “play-date” format.

Three levels of play.

Red (Highest), White, Blue

Four levels of play.

National (highest), Regional, State, Cities

Four levels of play.

National Premier Leagues (NPL) (highest), Regional, State, Cities

9U-10U League Placement

The league placement process at 9U-10U ages is incredibly important.

Intended for teams further along in on their development pathway. 

9U and 10U: Teams should be made up of rosters consisting of the upper tier of players in your program who you feel need to be challenged. 

10U: These teams should ideally have prior experience competing well at Red OR be a roster consisting of players who have been successful at White level and are now ready for a greater challenge. 

Clubs who “balance” rosters by ability should not enter Red level. 

Example 1: Club fields 3 or more 9U teams of one gender and tiers these teams in ability then the top team should play Red. 

In the above scenario teams would ideally be placed at Red, White and Blue. 

Example 2: A team that dominated all/most matches at White level in the previous season should consider moving up to Red level the following season. 

Intended for the majority of teams with competitive soccer experience. 

9U and 10U: Ideally the top tier group rosters for mid to smaller clubs entering at least 2 teams.  

White is also suited for a larger club’s 2nd tier teams, or even 3rd tier, if building tiered ability rosters. 

Playing level will always be based on team roster strength. 

Clubs who build “balanced” rosters should consider entering the White level as a balanced roster usually consists of players of all levels (Red, White, and Blue). 

Example 1: Club fields 3x 9U Girls teams that are tiered then the 2nd team should play White level. 

Example 2: Mid to smaller size club has 2 9U girls teams that are tiered rosters by ability should consider placing the top team at White.

Intended for teams with less experience or who are not as far along on their development pathway. 

8U: Teams should play TCSL 5s (8U Program) OR if choosing to play League, then Blue level. 

A returning 8U team can consider moving to White level based on prior season results. 

10U: Teams with a league playing history who have struggled at White should consider playing Blue level. 

Example 1: Small club has 1 team, and players have very limited soccer experience, should play Blue level. 

Example 2: A larger club has 4 9U boys teams that are tiered in ability should place the lowest 1-2 rosters at Blue.

National Events Pathway

Minnesota National Premier Leagues (NPL)

The Minnesota National Premier Leagues (NPL) represents a club collaboration that is the highest level of the TCSL pyramid for both boys and girls ages 13U through 19U.

The Minnesota NPL is a club-based league. Entries are on an application basis based on specific criteria.