As in “representing” TCSL and their clubs, this program will bring together the top talent from the Minnesota NPL and other TCSL divisions to:

TRAIN at a challenging and higher, more intense level with like players.

COMPETE at a challenging and higher, more intense level with like players.

Players will be challenged in four areas: Technical, Tactical, Psychological, Physical

Players (at specified age groups) will be nominated by their clubs to tryout and be evaluated.

This program will feature a series of trainings, matches and events throughout the soccer calendar in a manner that does not conflict with club activities as much as possible.

TCSL supports US Club Soccer’s id2 Program. Periodically, TCSL will run identification events to send top performers to a Regional id2 Camp. The current cycle supports 2009 Boys & 2009 Girls.

Local id2 selection events typically send 3-4 players to the next level (Regional id2 training camp).

In general, local id2 selection events follow this progression:

Local id2 Selection –> National id2 Training Camp –> National Selection International Trip.


These events are invite only.

Players are identified at the club level and recommended by club staff OR scouted and invited by TCSL.

WhatLeads ToDetails
TCSL Reps Evaluation:

2010/2009 Boys & Girls
Nov 19 & 20 Match Days

with other NPL Leagues

Chicago, Il.

Read below for details
October 11 & 12, 2022

National Sports Center

6PM-7:30PM Boys

7:30PM-9:00PM Girls
US Club Soccer

id2 Selection Event

2009 Boys & Girls
Regional id2 Selection

Early 2023
December 3, 2022


11AM-1PM Boys

1PM-3PM Girls


November 19 & 20 | Chicago, Illinois

2010 & 2009 (Boys & Girls)

The following leagues will be represented and compete against each other.

id2 scouts to be in attendance. More information to follow.

  • NISL (Illinois)
  • GLA (Ohio)
  • CDL (Iowa)
  • TCSL (Minnesota)



Q. Who are the Coaches going to be for the program?
A. The program will be lead by the TCSL Technical Director, with the assistance of local, highly qualified club staff and/or area college coaches.

Q. What age groups will be included in the program?
A. The id2 programming will always support the current age groups selected by US Club Soccer (currently, 2009 Boys & 2009 Girls). The TCSL Reps program will open up with 13U (2010) and 14U (2009) age groups. The TCSL Reps evaluations and Midwest Select Games is a portion of this overall program.

Q. Will 2011’s (12U) be included in the program?
A. Yes, we intend to build out a 12U TCSL Reps program, to compete and train locally. More to follow but our plan is to launch this for Winter 22-23.

Q. What is the cost of the program?
A. There is no charge for any id2 event or programming (with exception of airfare). TCSL Reps events will include a fee for the program to cover the cost of administering it (facilities, coaching, travel, kit, etc.).

Q. Is there financial aid available?
A. Yes. Our goal is to identify and provide opportunities for the Twin Cities’ most talented players, regardless of financial situation.

Q. What will the calendar be like?
A. We will collaborate with club leaders to be as non-conflicting as possible. This program will be highly supplementary.

Q. Where will events be held?
A. We plan to only use high-quality facilities, and turf, if possible. We also plan to rotate events around the metro to ensure geographic diversity and ensuring that clubs get a chance to host events, should they desire.