March 8 - July 18, 2021
Plymouth, Minn.

U.S. Soccer: C License

(3/1/2021 deadline)
  • TCSL Coaches $1250.00
  • Non-TCSL Coaches $1500.00

and Details

The C Course focuses on the core concepts of coaching.

*Please note course registration will be available late January.

This course will be hosted in a blended format, meaning that instead of hosting two four-day in-person meetings, TCSL will hold the first meeting essentially in a virtual format over the course of several weeks.

In general, the format follows:

  • Virtual classroom sessions over the course of several weeks
  • In-person/field over the course of 4 days
  • Development period

Virtual Classroom: March 8, 2021 with weekly virtual synchronous meetings (exact dates/times TBD; we will attempt to make this convenient for all registered)
In-person/Field: June 17-20, 2021
Virtual Development Period: June 21-July 18, 2021

Candidates must be available for all portions of the course.

In order to be considered for the U.S. Soccer ‘C’ course, all candidates must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Have held a U.S. Soccer ‘D’ license for at least 12 months
  • -OR- meet the waiver guidelines
  • Currently coaching

All classroom locations held at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West Hotel

All field sessions held at Wayzata High School turf fields