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Coming Fall 2020: Minnesota NPL

The Minnesota National Premier Leagues (NPL) represents a club collaboration that is the highest level of the TCSL pyramid for both boys and girls ages 13U through 19U.

Press Release

Minnesota NPL Goals:

The US Club Soccer National Premier Leagues platform represents independently-ran leagues unified under one national competition platform. Minnesota NPL winners will advance to the US Club Soccer NPL playoff structure.

Minnesota NPL core tenants are as follows:

  • Clarity the TCSL pathway;
  • Provide an annual, predictable, club-centric schedule for participating clubs;
  • Promote the value of club collaboration;
  • Provide college recruiting exposure


The Minnesota NPL aims to provide a practical, club-centric, annual schedule for its participating clubs. 

13U-14U teams will play one schedule spanning three traditional seasons (Fall, Winter, Summer) which will equate to approximately 18-20 matches.

  • Approximately 4-6 matches in the Fall
  • Approximately 4-6 matches in the Winter
  • Approximately 8-12 matches in the Spring/Summer.

15U+ teams will play one schedule spanning two traditional seasons  (Winter, Summer) which will equate to approximately 14-16 matches.

  • Approximately 4-6 matches in the Winter
  • Approximately 8-12 matches in the Spring/Summer.

The benefit to this structure is utmost flexibility for clubs, and appropriate training to match ratios which are in the best interest of player development.

College Exposure:

One primary goal of the NPL is a mechanism for TCSL to facilitate and leverage existing relationships with college coaches to promote college recruiting.

TCSL is exploring technologies that will assist in collecting data about players, and also will market to local colleges about the league schedule to promote recruiting opportunities.

MN Cup, US Club Soccer State Cup, will serve as a college showcase event for NPL players. While not a requirement for participation, clubs are strongly encouraged to enter teams into this event.


13U/14U – $785 per team

15U+ = $600 per team

The above fees include the year-round soccer calendar (spanning two and three traditional seasons for 13/14U and 15U+, respectively). Referee fees and facility costs are not included in the League dues reflected here.

Application Criteria:

  • Must be a TCSL member.
  • The application is a club-based application. Individual teams are not considered.
  • In line with US Club Soccer perspectives on “club-based” development, clubs are to enter teams at 13U-19U. However, if clubs have (an) age group(s) that is not suited for the NPL, the club should still apply but indicate the other TCSL level (i.e. Regional) that is better suited for the team.
  • A commitment to collaborating with other like-minded clubs.
  • Clubs must have the ability to host winter-matches
  • $1,000 deposit, which will be applied in full to club dues.

Application Process:

Applications who meet criteria will be accepted on a rolling basis until July 6, 2020.

Click Here to Apply

The following clubs have been accepted for 2020-21:

All are club-based except noted.



Q. What happens to the existing Minnesota Girls NPL and why the change?
A. We believe strongly in supporting clubs and with that, believe that defining a clear pathway, with clearly defined levels of play in the TCSL pyramid, is best for long-term success. In many ways the structure of the Minnesota Girls NPL does not change except for revising the calendar to be ran on an annual basis and expanding it to support the boys side. To be candid, holding a standalone Winter-only, Girls-only NPL, while it allowed TCSL to provide meaningful matches during the Winter months, creates a confusing pathway that we needed to clarify.

Q. What if my club has an age group(s) that will struggle in the NPL?
A. Still submit an application and indicate that the team is better suited for another TCSL level.

Q. Will TCSL still operate a Winter League?
A. Yes. TCSL will continue to operate the Winter League in its current format. We know that the Minnesota NPL annual structure may not suit all clubs but still want to provide an avenue for teams to compete and play meaningful matches in the Winter months.

Q. Who will assign referees?
A. Local clubs will assign matches with their local assignor, with the exception of matches played November 1-March 31, in which TCSL will handle the assigning of matches.