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TCSL has been awarded a Girls National Premier League (NPL) for the 2018-2019 soccer year!

What is the NPL:

The NPL was created to elevate and change the competitive youth soccer landscape by extending developmental principles espoused by U.S. Soccer into more age groups and clubs, by linking competition with player development and identification platforms, and by providing meaningful weekly competition culminating in the NPL Finals.

NPLs are independent leagues, unified under one national competition platform, and based on a common technical framework designed to improve long-term player development. The NPL provides a platform:

  • focused on long-term player development;
  • for the country’s top soccer clubs, allowing consistent, meaningful high-level games appropriately scheduled with higher training-to-game ratios;
  • that allows players to be scouted and evaluated by U.S. Soccer National Staff and Technical Advisors;
  • that is designed and structured by the clubs, based on the needs of the clubs

There are currently 22 NPL Leagues throughout the U.S. 

The Vision

The NPL is an important component of US Club Soccer’s vision to refine the landscape for competitive youth soccer. This vision recognizes that:

  • Properly-structured youth soccer clubs are the vehicle through which player development occurs in the United States.
  • Clubs should play in leagues that provide meaningful games, allow establishment of the proper training-to-game ratio, and eliminate calendar congestion.
  • NPLs, as well as the best clubs, should be integrated in US Club Soccer’s id2 National Identification and Development Program, include Player Development Programs (PDPs) in select local markets, and work closely with U.S. Soccer staff regarding player identification, and player and coach development.

TCSL Goals:

  • Provide TCSL clubs hyper-competitive environment for the top eight girls teams in the Twin Cities at each age group (13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, 18/19U), based on applications;
  • Provide additional PDP & id2 exposure and opportunities;
  • League winners earn advancement to NPL Finals to compete against other like clubs (2018 qualifying NPLs are here, for reference);
  • Leverage NPL partnerships with Showcase events, such as Jefferson Cup & Surf Cup (please note: NPL teams will get preferential treatment in terms of admission to these events. However, resumes are still required, and admittance is not guaranteed)


The following is base criteria for acceptance as an NPL team.

  • Each participating team must be affiliated with a TCSL club;
  • Each participating team must have a coach with a USSF ‘D’ license or United Soccer Coaches Advanced Diploma, or higher;
  • Each participating team must have access to club facilities to host NPL matches (including minimum of two (2) in the Winter months)

Application Process:

  • TCSL clubs submit application for each team, due May 15, to include:
    • Team overall body of work
    • Coaching licensure
    • Performance against Minnesota teams
    • Out-of-state performance
  • TCSL reviews applications
  • TCSL notifies clubs of teams’ acceptance, July 24


  • NPL sits on top of the existing TCSL structure and is not meant to replace traditional League schedules (Fall, 6-match schedule; Summer, 10-match schedule)
    • Non-NPL teams still have option to play traditional Winter League (6-match) schedule
  • Schedule runs December 15-May 31
  • Strong guidance: 2 matches in before April 1


$395 per team. Referees billed to home club at following rates (aligned with TCSL Winter League rates): $38/$28 13U/14U; $48/$33 15U/16U; $58/$40 17+

Minnesota Girls NPL Playing Rules

NPL Rules:

13U-14U: 35 minute halves (3 referees) 15U-16U: 40 minute halves (3 referees) 17U+: 45 minute halves (3 referees)

Teams must be ready to play at published game time. Warmup time may be limited on the field. There is NO formal check-in with referees, but teams MUST present US Club Soccer passes AND Game Card printed from GotSoccer prior to each game.

All players and coaches must have US Club Soccer-issued passes.

Limited Substitutions (mirrors NPL Finals rules):

Once a player is substituted in one half, the player may not re-enter the game for the duration of the half.  There shall be a maximum of seven (7) substitutions in any half. In case of a suspected head injury or serious injury, an additional substitution may be granted by the referee.