Year-round soccer opportunities for TCSL members.

Minnesota NPL

Why the NPL is the right choice

What is the NPL? The Minnesota National Premier Leagues (NPL) represents a club collaboration that is the highest level of the TCSL pyramid for both boys and girls ages 13U through 19U. Participation in the NPL is application-based.

Schedule: 13U-14U teams play a 10-month schedule (September-June); 15U+ teams play a 8-month schedule (November-June), due to high school soccer commitments in the Fall. Teams will play an appropriate number of matches as determined with the Club Directors of clubs participating in the NPL.

Minnesota NPL teams generally do not participate in the regular TCSL Autumn, Winter of Summer leagues and exclusively play an NPL schedule.

Showcase/College: 16U+ teams will be exposed to college soccer opportunities. At least one Showcase event will be provided for teams.

League Winners: Advance to the US Club Soccer NPL Playoffs/Finals.

Autumn Season

Timing: The TCSL Autumn season begins the weekend following Labor Day and concludes on October 8. Matches are generally played on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, although the occasional match may be played on a weekday if both teams agree.

Schedule: Teams play a 6-match schedule. Matches are scheduled on Friday nights, Saturdays or Sundays.

League Playoffs/Postseason:

  • 11U-14U: The top 4 teams in each age/gender/level qualify for the TCSL Final 4, held October 13-15, 2023.
  • 8U-10U: TCSL Autumn Festival scheduled October 14 & 15, 2023.


  • Three levels of play at 9U & 10U (Red, White, Blue)
  • Four levels of play at 11U & 12U (National, Regional, State, Cities)
  • Three levels of play at 13U & 14U (Regional, State, Cities)

Winter Season

Timing: Mid-November – mid-March

Schedule: Teams play a 6-match schedule (3 home/3 away).

Facilities: Played at home club facilities, or at facilities scheduled by TCSL.

League Blackout Dates: November 20, 2023-November 26, 2023; December 20, 2023-January 2, 2024

Winter League

For 9U/10U teams:


Summer Season

Timing: The TCSL Summer season begins late April/early May and concludes at the end of June/early July.

Schedule: Teams play a 10-match schedule.

Play Nights: Divisions are assigned “Primary” play nights. SUMMER 2024 PLAY NIGHTS ARE HERE*.

*while the initial schedule will use these play nights, games may be rescheduled to any night of the week during the reschedule window.

League Playoffs/Postseason:

  • 11U-19U: The top 4 teams in each age/gender/level qualify for the TCSL Final 4.
  • 8U-10U: TCSL Summer Festival.

Levels: Three levels of play at 9U & 10U (Red, White, Blue) and three levels of play at 11U-19U (Regional, State, Cities).