TCSL Magazine: Fall 2022

September 7, 2022
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TCSL Members,

Another soccer year is upon us!

As we reflect on 2021-22, we are reminded of the tremendous accomplishments of TCSL members – clubs, coaches, players, referees and families.

And while 2021-22 saw many on-the-field successes, we were also pleased to support clubs off-the- field as well: referee recruitment and on-boarding support, a Sideline Project initiative, and the hiring of a dedicated resource in the TCSL office (Dawn, our Club Development Coordinator) to support clubs each and every day.

The Minnesota NPL sent 12 winners to the NPL Finals, Minnesota Cup sent 24 teams to national competition, and TCSL league play culminated in a new, improved concept, the TCSL Final 4, which saw qualifying teams from each TCSL division a chance to compete for a true league championship.

We strive for continuous improvement in everything we do, which is why we’ve announced a new scheduling model, 8U opportunities (“TCSL Fives”) and an expansion of the Minnesota NPL heading into year three of the successful platform.

As we welcome back to the field 1,500 teams in 2022-23, we take seriously our obligation to deliver a terrific soccer experience for all: clubs, coaches, referees and of course, the player.

Best of luck this season!

Matt Tiano

Dawn Ellerd
Club Development Coordinator