TCSL partners with GotPro for scheduling

July 30, 2022

TCSL is excited to announce a partnership with GotPro, a division of GotSport, to handle scheduling for its Fall, Summer and NPL leagues. The benefit will be immediate for TCSL member clubs.

GotPro is used by some of the biggest and best professional sports organizations in the world, such as USL, Ligue 1, Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL), and others.

TCSL becomes one of the first domestic youth leagues to leverage the technology in an effort to produce optimized and club-friendly schedules. For example, the system will allow us to:

  • Better manage coach conflicts for coaches coaching multiple teams. On any given day, a coach can be home-home, but cannot be home-away, or away-away. This will reduce reschedule volume and will provide a better experience for the coach (and club).
  • Solicit data from clubs to produce a better schedule:
    • Club-wide blackout dates;
    • Club-wide home-only blackout dates;
    • Field preferences by day (i.e. can only accommodate one 9v9 match on a Friday night)
  • Consider team blackout dates AND our desire to have matches spaced out as much as possible throughout a season.
  • Other preferences, such as:
    • In the Fall, no team to play on a Friday more than once.
    • In the Fall, no club to host more than one 7v7, 9v9, 11v11 on a Friday night (as most facilities do not have lights).
    • Home-Away alternating and balance.
    • Other constraints based on club feedback.

More information about this program and especially the process for data collection will be shared with TCSL club leadership in the coming days in advance of the Fall 2022 season.

“The scheduling process is so important because it directly impacts the experience for everyone – the club and especially the administrator, the coach, and the family. We’ve been thinking about ways to improve the scheduling model, not because it’s been broken but because as we’ve grown, we have to continue to evolve and get better. We are looking forward to working with GotPro to make this a reality.”

Matt Tiano, TCSL CEO

“It is evident that TCSL is a forward-thinking organization looking to make existing processes better and more efficient. In our conversation leading up to our partnership, TCSL repeated often that the experience for the member club was and is the focus. We are excited to exceed expectations on behalf of TCSL and its members.”

Eddie Thiebe, GotPro