U.S. Soccer Mandate Information

August 23, 2017

TCSL follows ALL U.S. Soccer mandates.

US Soccer-published Player Development Initiatives

9U & 10U (7 v 7):

  • Offside in effect between build out line and endline
  • Club discretion: 1 or 3 referees
  • Build out line in effect (as shown below):
    • Ideally, GK waits to put ball into play once all opponents retreat behind build out line
    • GK can put ball into play sooner but he/she does so accepting positioning of the opponents and the consequences of how play resumes
  • No punting
  • No heading

11U & 12U (9 v 9)

  • No heading (11U only)
  • Punting IS allowed
  • There is NO build out line present at 11U or 12U

Small Sided Games Chart