9U-12U Rules Reminders

September 10, 2021

Every year, the TCSL office receives inquiries about rules for the 9U-12U age groups. While the TCSL rules in these age categories have never changed (and follow U.S. Soccer’s Mandate with no further modification), we want to continuously emphasize the rules at these important age groups.

Click here to print a PDF that can easily be printed to bring to the field.

We encourage brief meetings between referee(s) and coaches to ensure that all are on the page prior to kickoff.

9U & 10U

Build out line

  • ideally, GK waits to put ball into play once all opponents retreat behind build out line;
  • GK can put ball into play sooner but he/she does so accepting positioning of the opponents and the consequences of how play resumes

Offside in effect between build out line and end line

No heading

No punting


11U & 12U

No heading (11U only) – indirect free kick (IFK) is restart

Punting IS allowed

There is NO build out line

Small-Sided Games Chart