Minnesota Cup: Sportsmanship Message

May 30, 2023

We are thrilled to welcome your teams to Minnesota Cup this week. 

Minnesota Cup has a record entry this year and is the marquee event of the youth club soccer year!

This is a reminder that Sportsmanship is a core value of TCSL:

Sportsmanship: We encourage and celebrate respect among clubs, players, parents, coaches, and referees.

We ask that you place Sportsmanship high on your list this week and uphold this value with us when supporting your team.

Let the coaches coach, the referees referee and players play.

  1. 13U-19U teams have an opportunity to advance to national events. The matches mean something, and we think that’s healthy for the players’ experience. There will be missed decisions and referee error.  We ask that you keep things in perspective if your team is affected.
  1. We also believe that quality refereeing is really important for an event of this magnitude. We can confidently say that no other event in Minnesota will have similar referee quality as this event. It will not be perfect. 
  1. Many top referees who do not traditionally work youth matches will be on the field. Make them feel welcome so they come back. To advance refereeing in our state, we are running a Referee Academy at Minnesota Cup so referees can learn, improve and advance.
  1. Coaches: you are responsible for the behavior of your team sidelines. Please intervene if necessary.

Enjoy the Minnesota Cup for all it represents to the players and teams.

Thank you,

TCSL Staff