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TCSL expects good sportsmanship.

As one of TCSL’s core set of values, “sportsmanship” on the part of coaches, parents, fans and players will be emphasized in each one of TCSL’s leagues and events.
Whatever role you are in, recognize that the game of soccer is full of emotions and that properly controlling these emotions is vital to ensuring a positive experience, which TCSL is committed to delivering. TCSL believes that soccer builds character; that adverse situations are likely to occur; and that without adults setting a positive example by respecting referees, coaches, opponents, and other fans, how can we expect players to follow? Each time you set a positive example, you make the game better.
Recognize that referees will make mistakes, each and every game. Most of them will be doing their very best performing a thankless task, and most will be young children under the age of 16. Please remember that the referee who just missed the throw-in at midfield or just called a penalty kick to decide the outcome of the match is a son or daughter, mother or father, or grandmother or grandfather. They are human beings who deserve respect and our patience as they too are learning, just like our players and coaches. Remember, without a referee, there is no game. TCSL will support our referees.
TCSL will solicit information from referees and clubs’ referee assignors, and not only will we collect data on teams or clubs that repeatedly present problems (and deal with the issues), we will encourage referees to report positive instances of sportsmanship as well. In addition, we welcome TCSL constituents (parents, coaches, club personnel, etc.) to report positive instances to the League, the data of which will be to positively reinforce these instances through league promotion and awards.
TCSL seeks to evolve the game. As such, we will deal with poor behavior and more importantly, reward those that respect the values of the league.