July 21 - 28, 2019
Lakeville, Minn.

2019 TCSL Summer Cup (11U+)


Boys Champions
St. Paul Blackhawks
08 Boys Black
11U Boys National
Fusion SC
08 Academy 2
11U Boys Regional
Edina SC
08 Boys State
11U Boys State
St. Paul Blackhawks
08 Boys Silver
11U Boys Cities
Park Valley United FC
07 Boys Blue
12U Boys National
Salvo SC
07B South Grey
12U Boys Regional
Shakopee SA
07 Boys State
12U Boys State
St. Paul Blackhawks
07 Boys Grey
12U Boys Cities
Kickers FC
06 Boys Elite
13U Boys Regional
Fusion SC
Boys 06 Navy 1
13U Boys State
Bloomington United
2005 Boys State
14U Boys State
Twin Cities Rush
04 Boys EDT 01
15U Boys National/Regional
Edina SC
04 Boys State
15U Boys State
Edina SC
04 Boys Cities
15U Boys Cities
Edina SC
03 Boys Regional
16U Boys National/Regional
North East United SC
03 Boys
16U Boys State/Cities
Twin Cities Rush
02 Boys EDT 01
17U Boys National/Regional
Salvo SC
02B Central Red
17U Boys State/Cities
Twin Cities Rush
01 Boys EDT 01
19U Boys National/Regional
Salvo SC
01B East Red
19U Boys State/Cities
Girls Champions
Minnesota Thunder Academy
2009 Girs JRE Meyer
11U Girls National
North Suburban SA
08 Girls Regional
11U Girls Regional
Edina SC
08 Girls State
11U Girls State
Bloomington United
08 Girls Cities
11U Girls Cities
Eagan Wave SC
07 Girls National Lenz
12U Girls National
North Suburban SA
07 Girls Regional
12U Girls Regional
Eagan Wave SC
07 Girls Rosga
12U Girls State
Fusion SC
Girls 07 Lime 1
12U Girls Cities
Twin Cities Rush
06 Girls EDT 01
13U Girls National/Regional
Fire SC
06 Girls
13U Girls State - Platinum
Lakeville SC
13U Girls State - Gold
Salvo SC
06G East Red
13U Girls Cities
Salvo SC
05G South Steel
14U Girls National/Regional
North Suburban SA
05 Girls State
14U Girls State
St. Croix SC
05 Girls Select
14U Girls Cities
Twin Cities Rush
04 Girls National/Regional
15U Girls National/Regional
Bloomington United
2004 Girls
15U Girls State
Hudson SA
15U Girls Cities
Twin Cities Rush
01 Girls Travel 01
19U Girls State/Cities

and Details

11U-19U Cup Format
  • July 21-27, 2019 (if weeknights are used, matches will be played in the evenings only)
  • Seeded brackets based on Summer league results
  • Bracketing based on number of entries | Summer Cup Formats
  • 2-game minimum; 4-game maximum
  • Cups & medals for winners

Steve Michaud Park

McGuire Middle School

Foxborough Park**Previously Cherry View Elementary**

Please note regarding parking at Steve Michaud: The park will be especially busy during the event. BE SURE TO OBSERVE THE ‘NO PARKING’ SIGNS as Lakeville Police will ticket vehicles not properly parked. Parking is available at Michaud as well as Christina Huddleston Elementary School, a short walk from Michaud. Please plan accordingly. For those needing assistance via a shuttle, please call 952-250-4950 and we will send a golf cart to pick you up.