Frequently asked questions

We recognize that navigating youth soccer is complex. That’s why we’ve organized this page to help with questions we get all the time.

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Q) I am a TCSL team and traveling to an out-of-state tournament. Do we need permission to travel?
A) State boundaries make no difference in participating with US Club Soccer. If you are traveling as a US Club Soccer team to any soccer event in the country sanctioned by a U.S. Soccer-affiliated organization, no travel permission is required, and US Club Soccer’s insurance applies. International travel requires U.S. Soccer approval.

Q) Am I able to participate in tournaments as a TCSL/US Club Soccer team?
A) Yes. You will be able to participate in “restricted” tournaments that are limited to US Club Soccer teams or “unrestricted” tournaments that are open to any US Soccer organization member. Most tournaments are unrestricted, meaning the tournament organizers accepted player passes/rosters from any US Soccer organization member.

Q) Are there are any rules about use of the “club pass”?
A) Per TCSL developmental principles, any age-eligible player may participate on any team within that player’s club for developmental reasons. Using players to win matches at lower levels is not the intent of this rule and teams and/or clubs that abuse it will be dealt with. All club passed players must be added to the teams’ official roster.

Q) How does a player currently registered with one club train with another club during the soccer season?
A) Teams are reminded about TCSL recruiting rules. Both Directors of Coaching (DOC) must approve this scenario prior to any training taking place.

Q) Can a player currently registered with one TCSL club/team guest play for another TCSL club/team? 
A) Teams are reminded about TCSL recruiting rules. This is permitted outside of league play, however, both clubs must approve this scenario and the appropriate loan form must be completed by all parties. If this does not occur, US Club Soccer insurance does not apply for the loaned player.

Q) How do I reach the US Club Soccer member administration team, for things such as filling out the loan form referenced above?
A)  For registration, eligibility requirements, insurance or other matters, please submit a ticket to US Club Soccer’s new online help portal. Your request will be answered by the next available representative.

Q) Does TCSL follow all U.S. Soccer mandates/player development initiatives?
A) Yes, TCSL follows all U.S. Soccer mandates with no further modification.