In an effort to improve the game, TCSL is committed to providing coach education opportunities and resources throughout the year.

Courses will be posted as they are finalized with US Club Soccer and U.S. Soccer

TCSL 2023-24 Courses Announced

Visit this link for more course details and registration links as they become available.

USSF D License - Virtual + In-Person10/23-12/18Two (2) GR IP courses
and one (1) GR OL course
USSF 7v7 - Virtual + In-Person12/6 & 12/9Intro to Grassroots (online)
USSF 9v9 - Virtual + In-Person12/7 & 12/9Intro to Grassroots (online)
USSF 11v11 - Virtual + In-Person12/14 & 12/16Intro to Grassroots (online)
USSF 7v7 - Virtual + In-Person1/10 & 1/13Intro to Grassroots (online)
USSF 9v9 - Virtual + In-Person1/11 & 1/13Intro to Grassroots (online)
USSF 11v11 - Virtual + In-Person1/18 & 1/20Intro to Grassroots (online)
USSF C License - Virtual + In-Person1/16-5/8USSF D License
USSF D License - Virtual + In-Person2/7-4/3Two (2) GR IP courses
and one (1) GR OL course
USSF B License~1/16-6/15
USSF C License
USSF 7v77/17 & 7/19Intro to Grassroots (online)
USSF 9v97/22 & /7/24Intro to Grassroots (online)
USSF 11v117/23 & 7/25Intro to Grassroots (online)


Club-Hosted, TCSL-Facilitated Coach Education

Background & Purpose: To reach and educate more coaches, TCSL will facilitate coach education opportunities in member club home environments that is accessible and affordable for clubs and their coaches.

Course Offerings: USSF 7v7, USSF 9v9, USSF 11v11 

How it Works: Host member club selects the course, preferred dates and provides a field and appropriate players for the course. TCSL works to secure an instructor, get the course on the U.S. Soccer Learning Center and executes administrative details to ensure the course experience is a positive one for all. Read more here about the process.

Coach Education Philosophy

TCSL supports coach education, regardless of who is hosting courses, and therefore supports Minnesota Youth Soccer Association’s efforts to provide and promote coach education.

TCSL believes that coach education is agnostic and in no way should coaches of any organization be denied good, quality coach education.

Through its US Club Soccer affiliation, TCSL hosts United Soccer Coaches, United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and LaLiga courses.

Aligned with US Club Soccer, Twin Cities Soccer Leagues believes that better clubs develop better coaches, and better coaches develop better players.