June 2 - 6, 2021
Cottage Grove, Eden Prairie, Richfield, Shakopee

2021 Minnesota Cup, US Club Soccer State Cup

(5/10/2021 deadline)

Champions Crowned!

Boys Champions
Fusion SC
10 Academy 1
11U Boys Super Group
Tonka United SA
09 Boys Academy 1
12U Boys Super Group
Salvo SC
09B South Steel
12U Boys Premier
St. Paul Blackhawks
08 Boys Black
13U Boys Super Group
Fusion SC
08 Select 1
13U Boys Premier
St. Paul Blackhawks
07 Boys Black
14U Boys Super Group
St. Paul Blackhawks
07 Boys Red
14U Boys Premier
Lakeville SC
2006 Boys - Selects
15U Boys Super Group
St. Croix SC
06 Boys Academy Blue
15U Boys Premier
Manitou FC
2005 Boys Orange Premier
16U Boys Super Group
Salvo SC
05B East Steel
16U Boys Premier
Lakeville SC
2004 Boys - Select NPL
17U Boys Super Group
St. Croix SC
03 Boys Academy Blue
19U Boys Super Group
Girls Champions
Kickers FC
U12 Girls Elite
12U Girls Super Group
Cottage Grove United
2009 Girls
12U Girls Premier
St. Croix SC
08 Girls Academy 1
13U Girls Super Group
St. Croix SC
09 Girls Academy
13U Girls Premier
St. Croix SC
07 Girls Academy
14U Girls Super Group
East Ridge SC
07 Girls Elite
14U Girls Premier
Minnesota Thunder Academy
06G NPL Hartwell
15U Girls Super Group
Salvo SC
06G Orange
15U Girls Premier
St. Croix SC
05 Girls Academy
16U Girls Super Group
Wright County SC
2005 GU16 Regional
16U Girls Premier
Minnesota Thunder Academy
04G NPL Thorsell
17U Girls Super Group
Minnesota Thunder Academy
02G NPL Hartwell
19U Girls Super Group
Lakeville SC
2002 GIrls - Selects
19U Girls Premier

RESULTS &  Details

New for 2021!

This event is open to 11U-19U teams. There are two levels – “Super Group” (highest) & “Premier”. 13U+ teams advance as follows:

We have addressed feedback and moved the event off of Memorial Day weekend so as to not limit teams that may be able to enter!

NPL Teams: If your team wins Minnesota Cup and the NPL league, your team will attend the NPL Playoffs/Finals. You will also receive a $750 stipend to be used at your discretion for another event or to cover NPL Playoffs/Finals travel expenses.

Cup Format
  • Teams will play group play matches followed by Finals.
  • Two levels: Super Group & Premier (TCSL may modify dependent on entries – all groups will be formed with goal of matching up appropriate competition)
  • Full-length matches.

These are guidelines to aid in team selection of level:

Super Group (Most Competitive) – Minnesota NPL, Premier 1, Premier 2, League One

Premier – TCSL National/Regional or State, MYSA Black, Premier 2, League One

Cup Benefits
  • A State Cup event played in one five-day stretch – better opportunities to plan your team calendar!
  • As much as possible, one match per day to align with TCSL developmental principles.

Those teams that have a credit available from the canceled 2019 Autumn Cup may use them for this event. During the registration process, you will indicate that you would like to use the available credit. You will only be charged the registration fee minus the credit amount.

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