May 24 - July 24, 2021
Preliminary Rounds - Club-Hosted; Finals - TCSL-hosted (Shakopee, Minn.)

TCSL League Cup, Presented by TRIA

(5/18/2021 deadline)


Boys Champions
St. Croix SC
2010 Boys ACA
Boys U11 Platinum
Park Valley United FC
10 Boys Black
Boys U11 Gold
HFC United
10Boys Cities
Boys U11 Silver
St. Paul Blackhawks
09 Boys Black
Boys U12 Platinum
Tonka United SA
09 Boys Academy 2
Boys U12 Gold
Lakeville SC
2009 Boys Gold
Boys U12 Silver
Lakeville SC
2009 Boys Black
Boys U12 Bronze
Edina Soccer Club
2008 Boys Green
Boys U13 Platinum
Fusion SC
08 Navy 1
Boys U13 Gold
BV United
07 Boys Regional Powell
Boys U14 Platinum
East Select Soccer
07 Boys Academy
Boys U14 Gold
Edina Soccer Club
2006 Boys Green
Boys U15 Platinum
STMA United SC
2006 Boys Travel A
Boys U15 Gold
Fusion SC
05 Boys Select
Boys U16 Gold
STMA United SC
2004 Boys Select
Boys U17 Platinum
Shakopee SA
04 Boys State
Boys U17 Gold
02/03 Boys
Boys U19 Gold
Girls Champions
Fusion SC
Girls 10 Academy 1
Girls U11 Platinum
Edina Soccer Club
2010 Girls Black
Girls U11 Gold
Lakeville SC
2010 Girls Black
Girls U11 Silver
Minnesota Thunder Academy
Girls U12 Platinum
East Ridge SC
09 Girls Black
Girls U12 Gold
STMA United SC
2009 Girls Travel B
Girls U12 Silver
Minnesota Thunder Academy
09G Pre-ECNL
Girls U13 Platinum
Centennial SC
2008 Girls Black
Girls U13 Gold
Prior Lake SC
2008 Girls Comp
Girls U13 Silver
St. Croix SC
2007 Girls Academy
Girls U14 Platinum
South St. Paul YSC
2007 Girls State
Girls U14 Gold
Prior Lake SC
2006 Girls Select
Girls U15 Platinum
Girls U16 Platinum
East Select Soccer
05 Girls Academy
Girls U16 Gold
Prior Lake SC
2004 Girls Select
Girls U18 Gold

and Details

Communication sent to teams on Monday, 5/24.
Must Read: Information for Teams

Building on the success of the Autumn Champions Shootout, this progressive event will run adjacent to the Summer League season. Winners advance to the “winners” bracket; losers advance to the “consolation” bracket. Those teams left standing will advance to Finals weekend!

Soccer cups around the world are played in an ongoing, during-the-season, format, and we want to bring that excitement to TCSL players and families.

All teams are guaranteed two (2) matches, with those that advance likely playing three (3) matches.

Read about the progression here! View Brackets

Brackets Published | May 24, 2021
TCSL League Cup brackets will be announced.

Preliminary Matches, Up to Finals | May 26 – July 14 |
Games will be conducted at the home teams’ facility, or upon mutual agreement, at the away facility

  • All preliminary matches will be self-scheduled by the teams at club-hosted facilities. Matches should be confirmed at least 48 hours prior to scheduled kickoff.
  • Winners and Consolation Finalists advance to Finals Weekend which will be held at a neutral site, hosted by TCSL.

Finals Weekends | July 18 (Boys) and July 24 (Girls) | Shakopee, Minn.
Matches will be conducted at a neutral site, hosted by TCSL.

  • Adds enjoyment and excitement to the regular season.
  • Adds opportunity to win a meaningful competition.
  • Opportunity for fringe players on top teams to get meaningful playing time.
  • True player development versus multiple games in a weekend format where performance and learning drops with the fatigue factor.
  • Double elimination/2nd chance bracket adds more like-to-like games to a season.
  • The likelihood of less injury/overuse problems versus multiple games in a short span
  • Frees up a long weekend in the short Minnesota Summer versus a traditional event
  • Adds an element of interest and fun to spectate at versus a team in 7th playing 1st in a less meaningful league game.
  • Reduced travel versus a tournament away from home

All League Cup matches shall default to the general TCSL rules and regulations, including match lengths, etc, with the exception of the following:

If a match is tied at the end of regulation, teams shall proceed to play two five-minute overtime periods, played in their entirety (no golden goal).

If the match remains tied, teams shall proceed to Kicks from the Mark to decide the outcome. The match will be scored a draw (e.g., 2-2), with the team that wins the shootout advancing to the next round.

Reminder: only those players on the field at the end of the second overtime are eligible to kick in the Kicks from the Penalty Mark phase.

In the case of adverse weather anad lack of daylight a factor if a match is delayed, teams should proceed directly to the Kicks from the Penalty Mark phase.

Those teams that have a credit available from the canceled 2019 Autumn Cup may use them for this event. During the registration process, you will indicate that you would like to use the available credit. You will only be charged the registration fee minus the credit amount.

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