Updated TCSL timelines due to GotSport nationwide outage

February 19, 2023
Thank you for your patience as GotSport experiences a nationwide outage. Read more here.
As of February 26 at 4:00pm CST, we believe GotSport to be operational.

Minnesota NPL or TCSL Winter League Coaches/Managers

TCSL will reach out to referees to submit scores from recent matches affected by the outage.

Registering for Minnesota Cup

Teams are now able to register.

Minnesota NPL Summer Schedule

The original timeline remains in tact.

February 27 – NPL home schedules to field coordinators

March 7 – NPL Schedules to teams, rescheduling begins

April 4 – NPL rescheduling ends

TCSL Summer League

February 27 – Club Leadership/Technical Advisory Panel Meetings

February 28 – Final changes communicated to TCSL

March 1 – Blackouts due by 5pm (if system is operational, or delayed to allow ample time to complte)

March 10-12 – home schedules to field coordinators (providing a window to ensure we deliver)

March 20 – schedules to teams, rescheduling begins

April 4 – TCSL rescheduling ends


If you have a question about registering for the Midwest Select Games event in Illinois March 4-6, email peter@tcslsoccer.com.